Oct 21, 2019

Hi parents,

We are going to make a couple of changes to our carpool system in the afternoon for pick-ups. We are doing these changes because the safety of our students is our number one priority.

1 - The teacher on the west side of the building will now become the traffic director! This person will have a stop sign and an orange vest. This person will be responsible for directing one car at a time to turn into the lane where students are picked up closest to the building.

2- Once you are directed to turn, please pull forward as far east as you can towards the flag pole.

3 - East of the flag pole will now be a dedicated loading zone for commercial vans who pick children up. Once the vans arrive, they will park in the loading zone. This zone will be marked off with orange cones. Please do not park in the van loading zone. You will need to go around the vans as you exit the carpool lane.