Oct 22, 2019

Hi parents,

Thanks for your patience as we try to improve our carpool procedures. We wanted to point out a couple of things we noticed yesterday.

When you pull up to the area with the new traffic director you do not have to merge into a single lane. The traffic director will be there to allow one car at a time to turn. If you try to merge into one lane that will slow down the process. We will alternate sending one car from each lane as quickly as we can.

Please make sure we are allowing the cars in the express lane to drive through the lane and exit through the west exit. If we bunch up to close on the west side cars won't be able to exit and that will slow the process down.

Lastly, please make sure you are pulling down towards the flag pole as much as possible. I know sometimes your students want to get in the car the minute they see you but please encourage them to wait until you can pull down.

We are looking at a solution for exiting Highmark's parking lot on the east side. We will have more information regarding that next week. Yesterday we were able to have carpool wrapped up in about 10 minutes! Thanks for your patience and support with us!