Apr 09, 2014

HighMark Charter School Library

Introduces eBooks!!!

A BIG Thanks to the PTO and for a generous parent donationJ.

The eBooks can be accessed by computer, tablets (iPads/Androids/anything with an internet browser), & phones. Attached are instructions. The instructions will also be available on the school’s library website (there is a link at the bottom of the school’s website).

Accessing by computer/internet browser: Go to the HighMark Charter School website, scroll to bottom and click on the “Library” tab. Then click on the “Follett Shelf” square on the right-hand side of the screen. Students will need to log-in with username (firstnamelastinitial) and password (SIS#). If username is not working or you would like to change the password, please contact the librarian: mmelville@hmcharterschool.org.