Apr 30, 2020

Dear parents and students,
The State Office of Education clarified the way we will need to report grades in this Covid 19 times. We were offering an “I” (incomplete) for grades. We cannot use that grade, but rather an NG (no grade), which means the same. 9th graders with NG will need to do credit makeup in the high school. With the change, we want to make sure everyone understands what that will look like. This change will take place on Monday, May 4.

  1. We will give true points for assignments that will convert to letter grades in Aspire according to the teacher’s grading scale on all assignments students are doing for the rest of the school year.
  2. Students only have this week, until Sunday, May 3, at midnight, to get in all missing assignments. They should not procrastinate doing the assignments on a weekly basis. Some teachers were allowing 2 weeks, which became confusing for many. We are only asking 2-3 hours work in elementary and 3-4 hours work in jr high each day. Students have until Sunday of each week to get the assignments into teachers. You are only getting about ¼ of what would be given if teachers and students were in the classroom. Please work diligently to get the information from assignments.
  3. If a student hands in an incomplete assignment that the teacher wants them to redo because of lack of understanding, etc. of the assignment, the student will receive an R for ”retake” which shows in Aspire and gives a zero score until the student hands it in and the teacher changes it. If students don’t finish or “retake” the assignment, the teacher will change it to an F.
  4. All work will be graded according to the teacher’s grading scale, and at the end of the quarter a teacher will override the grade if needed in the following ways: NG = no work handed in or an F grade in gradebook; P = pass; given only to the jr high D grades; given only to the elementary C and D grades; Our hope is that all students have a letter grade at the end of the quarter, especially 9th graders.
  5. All missing grades will be changed to a zero after May 3rd. We will no longer be accepting late assignments, and you will not see missing assignments in Aspire. It is so hard on parents/students to always be looking at missing. Grades will be adjusted according to IEP, 504’s , etc. Each week move forward to new assignments, not dwelling on past assignments.
  6. In Aspire, parents/students can click on “name of the course/subject” and you will see a breakdown of assignments.
  7. If a score shows 0, and the student has turned it in, check with the teacher to make sure it is right/wrong so it can be corrected. There will be some mistakes.

We know there are always exceptions, and we of course will help you with those. Know that your needs will be considered and things can be adjusted. Only three more weeks, we can do this!