Dress Standard

A business casual dress code allows our students and employees to work and learn comfortably.

The purpose of the HighMark Charter School dress code policy is to help promote school spirit and unity, prevent socio-economic discrimination, and create a learning environment free of unnecessary distractions. HMCS’s objective in establishing a business casual dress code is to allow our students and employees to work comfortably while projecting a professional image that will enhance the learning environment, encourage appropriate school behavior and prepare the students for appropriate dress in the workplace.

Policy: The dress standard at HighMark Charter School will require all students to adhere to this policy during school hours, games and field trips. Clothing must be clean, in good condition, and sized appropriately. Anytime students are presenting in class or representing the school, they need to dress appropriately in business attire. Part of the grade for presenting will be to dress in business attire.


  • Collars
  • Sheer or lace clothing need a sleeved shirt underneath
  • Long enough to tuck in
  • No tank tops, turtleneck or mock turtleneck tops, sleeveless, halter tops, pajamas, hoodies and midriff tops
  • Modest dresses can be worn with or without a collar
  • Coats/jackets may not be worn in class or to use as a collar


  • No frays or holes (with or without "windows")
  • Underclothing may not be visible
  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts are modest length – 2 inches above knee
  • Shorts or leggings are recommended under skirts or dresses
  • Skirts need a collared shirt
  • No athletic bottoms: basketball shorts, running shorts, bike shorts, yoga or parachute pants, exercise pants with logo, stripes, sheer, etc.
  • No sweats, warm-ups, pajamas or leather material will be worn


All accessories should complement the outfit without distracting from the educational process. Scarves can be worn with a collared shirt. No hats, chains, spike on chokers, backpacks or clothes, hoods, bandanas, headbands with anything but jewels or bows, or sunglasses will be allowed. Distracting hairstyles and hair colors are not permitted. No shoes with wheels, slippers, open-toed (elementary only), or high heels will be permitted. Body piercing is limited to one pair of earrings only. Coats/jackets may not be worn in class. No torn, frayed or cut-off clothing is allowed. No gang related items, colors, etc. are allowed.

Junior High Physical Education Classes:

Black athletic shorts or pants. Plain grey t-shirt with or without school logo. Tennis or athletic shoes required. Underclothing may not be visible.

Casual Friday & School Spirit Days:

  • Spirit Days: Home Game days will be Spirit Days or when authorized by administration. Students should wear a HighMark t-shirt, collared shirt, or hoodie.
  • Casual Fridays: Each Friday is a free dress day. You can wear a shirt without a collar. All grooming, modesty and other standards will still apply.

Drop-off / Pick-Up

Students should be dropped off no earlier than 8:05 am. Students should be picked up no later than 3:20pm MON-THU and 1:50 pm on FRI.

Pick up time: 3:05-3:20 pm

Pick up time: 1:35-1:50 pm

Exceptions allowed for appointments made with teachers, administration, or staff

Carpool Pick up Drop off Map (pdf)

Daily Schedule

Success at HighMark starts with a proper schedule.

AM Kindergarten

Mon - Thur8:20 A.M - 11:25 AM
Friday8:20 A.M - 10:40 AM

PM Kindergarten

Mon - Thur12:00 P.M - 3:05 PM
Friday11:15 A.M - 1:35 PM

1st-9th Grades

Mon - Thur8:20 A.M - 3:05 PM
Friday8:20 A.M - 1:35 PM

Elementary Lunch Schedule

Class Mon - Thur Class Friday
Jr. High 1st11:10 - 11:401st Grade10:05 - 10:35
1st Grade11:25 - 12:002nd Grade10:05 - 10:35
2nd Grade11:25 - 12:003rd Grade10:10 - 10:40
3rd Grade11:40 - 12:154th Grade10:10 - 10:40
4th Grade11:40 - 12:15Jr. High 1st10:40 - 11:10
5th Grade12:00 - 12:355th Grade11:10 - 11:40
6th Grade12:00 - 12:356th Grade11:10 - 11:40
Jr. High 2nd12:35 - 1:05Jr. High 2nd11:50 - 12:20

Jr. High Schedule

Period Mon - Thur Period Friday
1st/5th8:20 - 9:451st/5th8:20 - 9:30
2nd/6th9:50 - 11:102nd/6th9:35 - 10:40
1st Lunch11:10 - 11:401st Lunch10:40 - 11:10
3rd/7th11:45 - 1:053rd/7th11:15 - 12:20
3rd/7th11:15 - 12:353rd/7th10:45 - 11:50
2nd Lunch12:35 - 1:052nd Lunch11:50 - 12:20
4th/8th1:10 - 2:304th/8th12:25 - 1:35
Advisory2:35 - 3:05No Advisory

Jr. High lunches are based on: M –F, 3rd/7th period teachers:

Jr. High 1st Lunch– VandenBosch, Mosley, Huffaker, McClune, Mendenhall, Nauta, Clewett, Ericksen, Bowler
Jr. High 2nd Lunch– Hill, Anderson, Mecham, C. Jackson, Wadsworth, H. Jackson, Spear, Leake, Denos

Advisory Schedule

7th - Th - Business/ M,T,W - Remediation
8th - T,Th - Business/M,W - Remediation
9th - M,T,Th - Business/W - Remediation

2019-2020 Bell Schedule (pdf)

School Lunch

We offer a different vendor Monday-Friday for your students to order lunch from. Please be aware that this will be the entrée only. Please send any drinks, additional sides, and utensils needed with your students each day, HighMark will not be providing these items.

All lunches Monday-Friday must be ordered and paid for online by visiting this PAY SCHOOL LUNCH LINK. Lunches must be ordered by 12:00 pm the monday prior to the week/day you plan on eating school lunch.

Teriyaki Chicken & Veggie with White Rice – $3.00
Orange Chicken with White Rice – $3.00

Chicken Sandwich – $3.00
8 Piece Nuggets – $3.00

Pizza Slice (Pepperoni Only) - $1.00 ea

Cheese Quesadilla with Rice – $3.50
Cheese Quesadillas with No Sides – $3.50
Sweet Pork Taco with Rice – $3.50
Chicken Enchilada with Rice – $3.50
Small Sweet Pork Salad – $3.50

Hot Dog - $1.75
Corn Dog - $1.75
Box of Mini Tacos - $3.00

The Hawk's Nest

Our school store helps develop the budding entrepreneur.

Our School Store, the Hawk’s Nest, provides HighMark Students with an opportunity to experience a true to life situation, incorporating teamwork, responsibilities, leadership and management, and tangible results using business, advertising, and accounting skills.

  • Students learn about cost and profit
  • Students learn how to make change
  • Students learn to order and check in merchandise
  • Students learn accounting
  • Students learn the importance of advertising
  • Students learn customer service, leadership and management

School Year Calendar

Check out our forecast for educational and business activities.