Jan 06, 2020

Dear Parents of 6th – 8th Graders:

As we enter the New Year we begin the process of assisting students’ request for next year’s classes. From the requests, we determine the classes that will be offered in the Fall.

  • We would like to provide the course catalog and the request form electronically to you this year.
  • We ask that you read the catalog, and after you and your student have discussed the class descriptions, print the form out, complete the selections, and be sure a parent signs for approval of the choices.
  • After we return from holiday break, 6th graders and junior high school students will enter their course requests for the upcoming year in the computer under our direction. We want to help them this year since it is new. In future years, you will be able to fill out the form electronically yourself at home.
  • We will be having the 6th grade and jr high advisory teachers collect the forms from your student by January 13th.

  • Here are the links you will use to view all of the documents :

Course Descriptions (pdf)

Our effort will encourage students to become more accustomed to requesting classes electronically through our scheduling program. This is a skill they will use through some high schools and college/post-high school programs. We are excited to step into this real world experience.
Please contact Mrs. Clemenger, counselor, the first week of January if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Beth Clemenger
School Counselor