Feb 07, 2020

We will be having our Valentines Read-A-Thon on Friday, February 14th, for all elementary grades. We will be having class parties in the morning and the Read-A-Thon after. (Please contact your child's teacher if you need more information about their class party.) There will be a class competition to earn the most money through pledges. The class that earns the most money will get a pizza party.
There are two ways to pledge:
1. Flat amount pledge. If you pledge a flat amount, no matter how many pages the student reads, you pay that amount.
2. Pledge per page. Pledge an amount per page read. After Friday, you will know how many pages the student read, and how much to donate.
We are asking all pledges to be paid online. The deadline to pay is February 21st. Please use this link to pledge:Valentines Read-a-Thon
Thank you, and happy reading!