Apr 16, 2020

Good morning!
I am sure you have all heard that school will not open again this school year. We are sad about this announcement. We had great hopes that we would be able to see the students again before summer. We will continue our online education until the last day of school, May 22. We are hoping that Webex has helped students get help from their teachers. Our teachers are working hard to get essential content to your student. Please work with us and have your student do the work.
Please visit the below link for a letter explaining our new grading policy for the rest of the school year. Please, read it carefully so we won’t have any misunderstandings. Especially be aware if you have a 9th grader. We would like to finish as strong as possible and feel this new grading will help alleviate some concerns. We have received emails from you, and we have listened to you.
Please take a moment to come into the school any day Monday - Thursday between 10:00-1:00 if you have lost coats, clothes, etc. You will have until April 22 to retrieve your items in the lost and found; otherwise, we donate them to a charity. Also, all jr high students and elementary students need to clear their lockers/desks by April 22 as well (Monday - Thursday 10:00-1:00). We are going to change the combination and will throw away anything left in the lockers/desks. Please bring any library books that you have at home. We will have a container by the door to drop those off.
We will still have yearbooks for you after school is done. We will distribute them on May 28 along with any awards you have received. We will let you know how to pick the yearbooks up from us in a later email. We are contemplating a drive-through arrangement. No gatherings for signatures, but at least the book!
This is a hard time for all of us, but we are so glad you are with us at HighMark. We miss you and look forward to seeing you in the late summer. I have attached our calendar for next year.

Be safe and stay healthy!
Mary Johnston


9th Grade (possibly 8th) JR HIGH ONLY: Please visit the below link for the application for the 3 Sport Award. Your name will be put on a plaque in the school, and you will receive a plaque as well. For the 3 sport award this year, you will include spring sports if you made the team even though we didn’t get to play games. See the attachment for those who made spring sport teams. Some teams were picked, others in clinics, etc. so coaches have made a list for soccer, softball and baseball. Sorry no track!

Also, we will only give out the academic award for Hawk Hall of Fame which is 3 years (7th-9th) of 4.0 GPA; your name will be on a plaque in the school as well as a certificate.